Immobilizer Indicator Lamp Check for Vehicle Equipped with Immobilizer Indicator Lamp (Immobilizer Indicator Lamp Does Not Light at Ignition Switch ON)
Wiring Diagram
1. Main fuse 3. ECM
2. Main relay 4. Immobilizer indicator lamp (if equipped)
Upper terminal layout is for engine without VVT.
Lower terminal layout is for engine with VVT.
Step Action YES NO
1) Turn ignition switch ON.
Do other indicator/warning lights in combination meter come ON?
Go to Step 2.
“IG” fuse blown, main fuse blown, ignition switch malfunction, “BLK/WHT” circuit between “IG” fuse and combination meter or poor coupler connection at combination meter.
1) Turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect connectors from ECM.
2) Check for proper connection to ECM at terminal “E114-8” (E118-2).
3) If OK, then using services wire, ground terminal “E114-8” (E118-2) in connector disconnected.
Does immobilizer indicator lamp turn on at ignition switch ON?
Substitute a known-good ECM and recheck.
Bulb burned out or “BLU” wire circuit open.