Description of Metal Replacement Parts Finishing
The metal service replacement parts (or assemblies) are coated with electro-deposition primer.
For the proper adhesion of a paint, the following finish process (refinish steps) becomes necessary.
1. Use wax or grease-removing solvent to clean the part.
2. Use a wet or dry sand-paper (No. 400) to polish the panel lightly. Do not polish it forcibly to produce any scratch. Clean the part again.
3. If factory-applied primer coating is cut through to the bare metal, apply metal conditioner to the bare metal exposed to open air. As for method of use of the metal conditioner, follow directions on the container.
4. Apply primer-surfacer to the part completely dry before starting sand-paper polishing. As for drying time, follow directions advised on the primer-surfacer container.
5. Use a wet or dry sand-paper (No. 400) and water to polish the panel lightly.
6. Wash the part again.
7. Apply color, coating to the part.
8. Different paints demand different drying methods. Hence, follow directions advised on the pertinent paint container.
9. When lacquer coating (quick-drying paint coating) is applied, dry coated surface and polish it with compound.
In the case of the melamine or acrylic coating, compound polishing can be omitted after drying.
10. If the case of lacquer coating, wax should not be applied to coated surface until the surface has dried completely (for approx. two months).
Before replacing exterior parts or assemblies, check paint conditions of all the covered or hidden interior surfaces. If any rust scale is found at these places, proceed as follows:
1. Use a proper wire brush, adhesive or liquid rust removing agent to remove rust. As for the method of use, follow directions advised for respective materials.
2. If necessary, wash parts with detergent, rinse, and dry them.
3. Before installing exterior body parts, apply anticorrosive compound to all cleaner surfaces of exterior body parts. Also, apply anticorrosive compound to inner surfaces of exterior body parts to be installed.