Rearend Door Assembly Removal and Installation
1) Remove rearend door trim, and door sealing cover, refer to Steps 1) to 3) of “Removal” under Rearend Door Lock Assembly Removal and Installation .
2) Remove wire harness connector inside the rearend door.
3) Remove rearend door balancer (1) (first at its door-side and next at its body-side), as shown.
Handling of Rearend Door Balancer (Damper)
Do not disassemble balancer (1) because its cylinder is filled with gas.
Handle balancer carefully. Do not scar or scratch exposed surface of its piston rod, and never allow any paint or oil to stick to its surface.
Do not turn piston rod with balancer fully extended.
Discarding of Rearend Door Balancer
Using a 2 to 3 mm (0.08 to 0.12 in.) drill (2), make a hole as shown to remove gas inside as shown before discarding.
The gas itself in balancer is harmless but it may issue out of the hole together with chips generated by the drill (2). Therefore, be sure to wear goggle when drilling.
“a”: 10 mm (0.4 in.)
4) Remove combination lamp.
5) Remove door hinge bolts and door (2).
1. Rearend door hinge
3. Body
Reverse removal procedure to install rearend door noting the following points.
Secure wiring harness (1).
Secure door sealing cover (1).
Use adhesive (2) to seal sealing cover to rearend door.
Adjust door latch striker position by referring Rearend Door Lock Assembly Removal and Installation .
Adjust door cushion so that door contacts body when closed.