Front Door Assembly Removal and Installation
1) Remove front fender.
2) Disconnect door harness lead wires at each coupler.
3) Remove stopper pin (1).
2. Door open stopper
4) Support door panel using a jack with a piece of wood placed between jack and panel, as shown.
1. Rags
2. Wooden piece
5) Remove door assembly (3) by loosening hinge mounting.
1. Upper hinge mounting bolts
2. Lower hinge mounting bolts
Reverse removal procedure to install door assembly noting the following points.
When replacing door, coat replacement door inside (1) with wax for proper anti-corrosion treatment.
Tighten door hinge bolts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Front door hinge bolts ( a ): 27 N·m ( 2.7 kg-m, 19.5 lb-ft)
Adjust door latch striker position by referring to Front Door Lock Assembly Removal and Installation .
Adjust front door cushion (2) so that door (1) contacts body when closed as shown in the figure.
Front door cushion position
“a”: 7 mm (0.3 in.)
After installation, open and close the door to check looseness. Replace door open stopper pin when there is looseness.
When weatherstrip is hardened, water leak may develop. In such case, replace it with new one.