Sliding Roof Assembly Disassembly and Reassembly
1) Remove sunshade referring to Sunshade Removal and Installation
2) Remove sliding roof deflector referring to Sliding Roof Deflector Removal and Installation
3) Remove crank drive referring to Crank Drive Removal and Installation
4) Pull-out side guide (1) and rear guide (2) with action cable from guide rail.
5) Detach gutter guide (1), rear guide with actuation cable (2) and front guide with detent lever (3) from side guide (4).
Reverse disassembly procedure for assembly, observing the following instruction.
1) Adjust crank drive position as follows.
a) Install crank handle (3) to crank drive (1) temporary.
b) Push Crank (1) onto drive (2) by pushing press bottom (4).
c) Turn crank (1) clockwise to stop position.
d) Turn crank back three whole turns until lock position is reached.
e) Crank must now fit into recess provided.
if did not properly position, readjust crank drive position.
If crank drive is properly operates, crank drive is stopped at “Open” position after 8 turns from adjusted position and crank drive attains its end position when the button is pressed and the crank drive turned another 2 turns.
2) Adjust both actuation cable as follows.
a) Push block guide assembly (1) forward until stopping (catch lever engages in front most recess (2) of guide rail).
b) Press front guide backward.
c) Push rear guide (6) connecting pins meet with adjusting notches (3) of side guide.
d) At this time, side bracket (4) has to lifted from rear edge (5) of guide rail recess with slight offset or 0.2 to 0.5 mm (0.008 to 0.02 in.).