Front Door Lock Assembly Removal and Installation
1) Raise window all the way up.
2) Remove door trim and door sealing cover referring to Front Door Window Removal and Installation .
3) Remove door sash.
4) Remove door opening control rods (2).
5) Disconnect control rod (3).
6) Disconnect door lock motor lead wire.
7) Remove lock assembly.
1. Outside door handle
To install front door lock, reverse removal procedure, noting following.
Move door latch striker (2) up or down so its center aligns with the center of groove “A” on the door, as shown.
Striker should be moved vertically and placed level. Do not adjust door lock.
Tightening torque
Door latch striker screw ( a ): 10 N·m ( 1.0 kg-m, 7.2 lb-ft)
Door latch screw ( b ): 6 N·m ( 0.6 kg-m, 4.3 lb-ft)
1. Door latch 3. Shaft
Move door latch striker (1) sideways to adjust door (3) surface flush with body (2) surface, as shown.
In order to correctly obtain door latch striker position in the fore-and-aft direction, increase or decrease number of shims (5) inserted between body and striker to adjust it.
Dimension between door surface and body surface
“a”: 13.3 – 14.8 mm (0.52 – 0.58 in.)
“b”: 3.2 – 5.2 mm (0.13 – 0.2 in.)
Apply oil or grease to striker joints periodically.
4. Front side