Rearend Door Glass Removal and Installation
1) Remover rear wiper arm.
2) Disconnect rear defogger coupler.
3) As rear window shield is fixed by means of rearend door window weatherstrip (1), remove glass (2) and weatherstrip together by removing end of weatherstrip little by little while pushing the entire glass from inside toward outside as shown in figure.
Do not apply an excessive force to glass locally.
3. rearend door panel [A]: Viewed A
1) Install weatherstrip (1) to glass (2).
2) Pass string (4) through outer groove of weatherstrip (groove where rearend door panel (3) fits in) so that weatherstrip can be installed to rearend door.
3) Apply soap water to outer edge of rearend door panel and install glass and weatherstrip together to rearend door by pulling the string little by little.
4) Connect rear defogger coupler.
5) Install rear wiper arm.
6) Check for water leakage by running water from hose over window. If leakage is found, complete the installation of leaky point. If water still leaks even after that, remove glass and start installation procedure all over again.
Do not use high pressure water.