Front Door Window Removal and Installation
1) Remove window regulator handle (2) (if equipped).
For its removal, pull off snap off by using a cloth (1) as shown in the figure.
2) Remove inside handle bezel (1).
3) Remove door inner garnish.
4) Remove inside lock knob and door grip fitting screw.
5) Remove door trim.
With inside handle bezel tilted as shown in the figure, turn door trim 90° counterclockwise to remove it. And disconnect power window switch lead wire at coupler (if equipped).
6) Remove door sealing cover (1).
2. Adhesive
7) Remove door mirror.
8) Remove door outside weather strip (1).
Lower window all the way down. Then, use a tape-wrapped putty knife (or screwdriver) to pry off weatherstrip.
Use a tape-wrapped putty knife (or screwdriver) to pry off weather strip. Use of an unwrapped tool will cause damage to painting.
9) Remove door sash (3) mounting bolts (2).
10) Remove glass attaching screws (1).
11) Take out door glass (4).
Reverse removal procedure to install door glass noting following points:
Tighten glass attaching screws (1) to specified torque. Tighten rear screw first, then front screw.
Tightening torque
Front door glass attaching screws ( a ): 6 N·m ( 0.6 kg-m, 4.3 lb-ft)
When window becomes hard to raise and lower, adjust screws to correct tilted glass as shown in figure.
Adjust equalizer of window regulator so that measurement A and B are equal.
1. Screws
Secure door sealing cover (1) with adhesive (2).
Install door window regulator handle so that it has a 45° angle when glass is fully closed as shown in the figure.