Windshield Construction
The front windshield is installed by using a special type of adhesive (that is, one component urethane adhesive used with primer). For the windshield replacement, it is important to use an adhesive which provides sufficient adhesion strength and follow the proper procedure.
1. Windshield glass 3. Stopper icon : Do not reuse.
2. Windshield molding 4. Spacer      
Described in this section is the glass replacement by using 3 types of primers and 1 type of adhesive made by YOKOHAMA (one component urethane adhesive to be used with primer in combination). When using primer and adhesive made by other manufacturers, be sure to refer to handling instructions supplied with them. Negligence in the following such procedure or misuse of the adhesive in any way hinders its inherent adhesive property. Therefore, before the work, make sure to read carefully the instruction and description given by the maker of the adhesive to be used and be sure to follow the procedure and observe each precaution throughout the work.
Should coated surface be scratched or otherwise damaged, be sure to repair damaged part, or corrosion may start from there.
Use an adhesive of above mentioned type which has following property.
Glass adhesive shearing strength
40 kg/cm² (569 lb/in²) or more
Adhesive materials and tools required for removal and installation.
One component urethane adhesive and primers used in combination (For one sheet of windshield).
Adhesive (470 g (15.7 oz.))
Primer for glass (30 g (1.0 oz.))
Primer for body (30 g (1.0 oz.))
Primer for molding (30 g (1.0 oz.))
Piano string
Windshield knife
Brush for primer application (2 pcs)
Rubber sucker grip
Sealant gun (for filling adhesive)
Putty spatula (for correcting adhered parts)