Rear Wiper Motor Inspection
Motor Operation
1) Use a 12 V battery positive (+) terminal to terminal “G” and it negative (–) terminal to wiper bracket (1).
2) Check wiper motor rotates at specified speed below. If check result is out of specification, replace.
Rear wiper motor RPM
35 – 45 r/min (rpm)
Automatic stop operation
1) Connect battery positive (+) terminal to wiper motor terminal “G” and battery (–) terminal to wiper bracket (1) and let the motor turn.
2) Disconnect terminal “G” from battery and let the motor stop.
3) Connect terminal “BI” to battery positive (+) terminal.
Observe the wiper motor turns once again, then stops at a original stop position.
4) Repeat Step 1) to 3) several times, and inspect if the motor stops at the original stop condition every time.
If check result is not as specified, replace.