Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Meter Inspection
M13 Engine Model
Make sure that all related connector terminals are in good contact condition before combination meter inspection.
1) Confirm that malfunction DTC is not detected in ECM.
If it is detected, go to each diagnostic flow table.
2) Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
3) Remove combination meter referring to Combination Meter Removal and Installation .
4) Confirm that there is no open or short in ECT signal circuit of combination meter harness.
5) Confirm that there are no open or short in power and ground wire circuit of combination meter harness.
6) Connect combination meter connectors from combination meter.
7) Connect oscilloscope between “G92-16” and “G92-3” terminals of combination meter connector.
8) Turn ignition switch to ON position.
9) Check that oscilloscope shows is waveform from ECM to engine coolant temperature meter.
If oscilloscope is indicates waveform, replace combination meter.
If oscilloscope is not indicates waveform, substitute a known-good ECM and recheck.
1. Engine coolant temperature is approximately 80 °C (176 °F)
K9K Engine Model
1) Disconnect ECT sensor connector (4).
2) Using service wire, short terminal (1) and (2) of ECT sensor connector (4).
3) Turn ignition switch to ON position. Make sure that the meter pointer (3) moves from the position “C”.
If engine coolant temperature meter does not operate, check wire harness between ECT sensor connector and combination meter connector.
If wire is OK, replace combination meter.