Headlight Aiming Adjustment with Screen
Unless otherwise obligated by local regulations, adjust headlight aiming according to the following procedure.
After replacing headlight, be sure to adjust aiming.
1) Before adjustment, make sure the following.
a) Place vehicle on a flat surface in front of screen (1) ahead of headlight surface.
Distance between screen and headlight
“a”: 10 m (32.8 ft.)
b) Adjust air pressure of all tires to the specified value respectively.
c) Bounce vehicle body up and down by hand to stabilize suspension.
d) Carry out with one driver aboard.
Driver’s weight:
75 kg (165 lb)
e) Turn headlight leveling switch to “0” position.
2) Check to see if hot spot (high intensity zone) of each low beam axis falls as shown in the figure.
Hot spot specification
“H”: Approx. 130 mm (5.15 in.)
3) If headlight aiming is not set properly, align it to specification by adjusting aiming screw and aiming gear.
1. Headlight assembly
2. Aiming (for right/left adjustment)
3. Aiming (for up/down adjustment)
[A]: The illustration shows LH steering vehicle. And RH steering vehicle is symmetrical
X – X: Horizontal center line of headlights bulb
A – A: Vertical center line of left headlight bulb
B – B: Vertical center line of right headlight bulb