Refer to Abbreviations .
Abbreviation Full term Abbreviation Full term
2WD 2 wheel drive vehicles IND Indicator
4WD 4 wheel drive vehicles INT Intermittent
A/B Air bag ISC Idle speed control
A/C Air conditioning J/B Junction block
A/T Automatic transaxle J/C Joint connector
ACC Accessory L Left
CAN Controller area network LED Light emitting diode
CKP Crankshaft position LHD Left hand drive vehicle
CMP Camshaft position LO Low
COMB Combination MAP Manifold absolute pressure
DLC Data link connector M/T Manual transaxle
DRL Daytime running light O/D Over drive
DSL Diesel engine P/N Power / Normal
ECM Engine control module P/S Power steering
ECT Engine coolant temperature PSP Power steering pressure
EGR Exhaust gas recirculation R Right
EVAP Evaporative RHD Right hand drive vehicle
F/A motor Free axle motor SDM Sensing and diagnostic module
FWD Forward ST Starter
HI High TCC Torque converter clutch
IAC Idle air control TCM Transmission control module
IAT Intake air temperature VIV Variable inhalation valve
ICM Immobilizer control module VSS Vehicle speed sensor
IF EQPD If equipped VSV Vacuum switching valve
IG Ignition VVT Variable valve timing
IG COIL Ignition coil WTP Water thermo plug
ILL Illumination