Precautions for Wiring System
(For the vehicles with the Supplemental Restraint System (Air Bags) and/or the Seat Belt Pretensioner System)
Service on or around the air bag system / Seat belt pretensioner system components or their wiring must be performed only by an authorized SUZUKI dealer. Observe all the warnings in this manual and disable the systems before servicing on or around the components and the wiring of the systems. Failure to follow the Warnings could result in unintended activation of the systems or could render the systems inoperative. Either of these two conditions may result in severe injury.
To prevent damage to the electrical / electronic parts (especially computers or semi-conductors) or to prevent fire.
When disconnecting the battery terminals, be sure to 1: turn off the ignition switch and all other switches, 2: disconnect the negative (–) terminal wire and then 3: disconnect the positive (+) terminal wire. Connect the wires in the reverse order of disconnecting.
When disconnecting the connectors, be sure to unlock the connector lock (if equipped) and then pull the connector shells to detach them. Do not pull the wires.
Connect the connectors by holding the connector shells. Make sure they are securely locked.
Install the wiring harness securely without any slack.
When installing parts, make sure the wiring harness is not interfered with or pinched by them.
Avoid routing the wiring harness near or around a sharp corner or edge of the vehicle body or parts as much as possible. If necessary, protect the wiring harness by winding tape or the like around on it.
When replacing a fuse, make sure to use the specified capacity fuse. Using a fuse with a larger capacity can cause damage to the electrical parts or a fire.
Do not handle electrical / electronic parts (computer, relay, etc.) roughly or drop them.
Do not expose electrical / electronic parts to high temperature (Approximately 80 °C (176 °F) or higher) or water.
Be sure to insert the tester probe (or, if necessary, an appropriate needle or wire designed for the inspection work) into the back side (wiring harness side) of the connector for inspection not to damage or deform the terminal of the connector.