Forward Sensor Removal and Installation
During service procedures, be very careful when handling a sensor.
Never strike or jar a sensor.
Under some circumstance, it could cause improper operation of the air bag system. A sensor and mounting bracket bolts must be carefully torqued to assure proper operation.
1) Disconnect negative cable at battery.
2) Disable air bag system. Refer to Disabling Air Bag System .
3) Remove front bumper.
4) Disconnect forward sensor connector sliding connector outer (1) as shown.
5) Remove forward sensor bolts (1), and forward sensor (2) from front panel (3).
Proper operation of forward sensor requires sensor be rigidly attached to vehicle structure and that the arrow on sensor be pointing toward the front of the vehicle.
1) Check that none of the following faulty conditions exists.
Bend or deformity of sensor bracket (1) and front panel.
Foreign matter on mating surfaces of sensor bracket (1) and front panel or excessive rust.
2) Apply thread lock cement to mounting bolts thread.
Install forward sensor (2) on front panel (3) and tighten mounting bolts (1) to specified torque.
“A” : Thread lock cement 99000–32100 ( Thread Lock Cement 1305 )
Tightening torque
Forward sensor bolt ( a ): 9 N·m ( 0.9 kg-m, 6.5 lb-ft)
3) Connect forward sensor connector pushing connector inner (1) as shown.
4) Install front bumper.
5) Connect negative cable at battery.
6) Enable air bag system. Refer to Enabling Air Bag System .