SDM Removal and Installation
During service procedures, be very careful when handling a Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM).
Be sure to read Precautions on Service and Diagnosis of Air Bag System before starting to work and observe every precaution during work. Neglecting them may result in personal injury or inactivation of the air bag system when necessary.
1) Disconnect negative cable at battery.
2) Disable air bag system. Refer to Disabling Air Bag System .
3) Remove center console box (1) by removing crips.
4) Disconnect SDM connector (2) from SDM (3).
5) Remove SDM (3) with SDM plate (4) as an assembly from vehicle.
Do not separate SDM (3) and SDM plate (4).
For installation, reverse removal procedure, nothing the following points.
Ensure that arrow (3) on the SDM (2) is pointing toward the front of the vehicle.
Tighten SDM bolts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
SDM mounting bolt ( a ): 6 N·m ( 0.6 kg-m, 4.5 lb-ft)
Connect SDM connector (1) to SDM (2) securely.
F: Forward
Enable air bag system. Refer to Enabling Air Bag System .