SDM Serial Data Circuit Trouble Diagnosis Flow
Wiring Diagram
1. From main fuse 6. “AIR BAG” warning lamp in combination meter 11. “AIR BAG” monitor coupler
2. Ignition switch 7. Connection detection pin 12. To ECM, TCM and ABS control module
(if equipped)
3. Circuit fuse box 8. Data link connector (DLC) 13. Ground for air big system
4. “METER” fuse 9. To circuit fuse box 14. SDM
5. “AIR BAG” fuse 10. Ground on body    
Be sure to perform Air Bag Diagnostic System Check before starting diagnosis according to the flow.
When measurement of resistance or voltage is required in this flow, use a specified digital multimeter (Refer to Special Tool .) along with a correct terminal adapter from special tool (Connector test adapter kit).
When a check for proper connection is required, refer to Inspection of Intermittents and Poor Connections .
If there is open circuit in the air bag wire harness, connector or terminal is found damaged, replace the wire harness, connector and terminal as an assembly.
Flow Test Description
Step 1: An improper connection to the data link connector (DLC) will prevent communications from being established.
Step 2: This test checks whether it is possible to communicate with other control module.
Step 3: This test checks for an open in “PNK/GRN” circuit in air bag harness.
Step Action YES NO
1) Make sure that SUZUKI scan tool is free from malfunction for air bag system is used.
2) Ignition switch OFF.
3) Check proper connection of SUZUKI scan tool to DLC (1).
Special Tool
(A) : SUZUKI scan tool
Is connection in good condition?
Go to Step 2.
Properly connect SUZUKI scan tool to DLC.
1) Check if communication is possible by trying communication with other control module (ECM, TCM (if equipped) or ABS control module (if equipped)).
Is it possible to communicate with other control module?
Go to Step 3.
Repair open in common section of serial data circuit (“PNK/GRN” wire circuit) used by all controllers or short to ground or power circuit which has occurred some-where in serial data circuit (“PNK/GRN” wire circuit).
1) With ignition switch OFF, disconnect SDM connector “G102”.
2) Check proper connection at “G102-14” (“PNK/GRN” wire) terminal of SDM connector.
3) If OK, then check resistance between “PNK/GRN” wire terminal (2) of DLC (1) and “G102-14” (“PNK/GRN” wire) terminal of SDM connector.
Special Tool
(B) : 09932–76010
Is resistance 1 Ω or less?
Substitute a known-good SDM and recheck.
Repair high resistance or open in “PNK/GRN” wire circuit.
Upon completion of inspection and repair work, perform the following items.
Reconnect all air bag system components, ensure all components are properly mounted.
Repeat Air Bag Diagnostic System Check to confirm that the trouble has been corrected.