“AIR BAG” Warning Lamp Flashes
Wiring Diagram
Refer to “Wiring Diagram” in “AIR BAG” Warning Lamp Comes ON Steady .
Flow Test Description
Step 1: Check for “AIR BAG” monitor coupler.
Step 2: Check for diagnosis switch circuit for air bag system.
Step Action YES NO
1) Check “AIR BAG” monitor coupler “G63”.
Is it connected diagnosis switch terminal and ground terminal in “AIR BAG” monitor coupler by service wire?
Remove service wire.
Go to Step 2.
1) With ignition switch OFF, disconnect SDM connector “G102”.
2) Measure resistance between “G102-15” terminal of SDM connector and body ground.
Special Tool
(A) : 09932–76010
Is resistance 1 MΩ or more?
Substitute a known-good SDM and recheck.
Repair short from “PPL” wire circuit to ground.
Upon completion of inspection and repair work, perform the following items.
Reconnect all air bag system components, ensure all components are properly mounted.
Repeat Air Bag Diagnostic System Check to confirm that the trouble has been corrected.