Air Bag System Construction
With the air bag system which includes air bags for both the driver’s and passenger’s sides as well as the seat belt pretensioners, the sag of the seat belt is taken up (for seat belt with pretensioner), the driver air bag (inflator) module is deployed from the center of the steering column and the passenger air bag (inflator) module from the top of the instrument panel in front of the front passenger seat in occurrence of a front collision with an impact larger than a certain set value to supplement protection offered by the driver and front passenger seat belts.
1. Diver side air bag 3. Seat belt pretensioner
2. Passenger side air bag    
The air bag system is designed to activate only in severe frontal collisions. It is not designed to activate in rear impacts, side impacts rollovers, or minor frontal collisions, since it would offer no protection in those types of accidents.