Seat Belt Pretensioner Construction (If Equipped)
Some seat belts of the driver and front passenger seats are provided with a pretensioner as an optional function unit. The pretensioner is incorporated in retractor assembly (6) and controlled by SDM as one of air bag system components. It will be activated to take up the sag of the seat belt at the same time as the air bag deployment when an impact at the front of vehicle exceeds the specified value. When servicing seat belt with pretensioner, be sure to observe all WARNING and CAUTIONS and Precautions on Service and Diagnosis of Air Bag System .
Do not reuse the seat belt retractor assembly, if pretensioner has been activated.
Replace it with a new one as an assembly.
1. Front seat 4. Buckle
2. Front seat belt 5. Rear seat
3. Rear seat belt 7. Shoulder adjuster