Compressor Assembly Removal and Installation (K9K Model)
1) Run engine at idle speed with air conditioning ON for 10 minutes. Then, stop the engine.
2) Disconnect negative (–) cable at battery.
3) Recover refrigerant from A/C system by referring to “Recovery” in Operation Procedure for Refrigerant Charging .
The amount of removed compressor oil must be measured for replenishing compressor oil.
4) Remove generator referring to Generator Removal and Installation:K9K .
5) Disconnect magnet clutch coil lead wire (1) and thermal switch lead wire (2).
6) Disengage harness clip (3) from ECM bracket.
7) Hoist vehicle.
8) Remove two compressor mounting bolts (1).
9) Disconnect discharge hose (1) and suction hose (2) by removing their bolts, and then remove one compressor mounting bolt (3).
Cap open fittings immediately to keep moisture out of system.
10) Remove compressor from its bracket by pulling it out upward.
Be careful not to spill compressor oil during removal.
Reverse removal procedure for installation, and the noting the following instructions.
Replenish specified amount of compressor oil to compressor suction side by referring to “Replenishing Compressor oil” in Operation Procedure for Refrigerant Charging .
Evacuate and charge system by referring to “Recovery” in Operation Procedure for Refrigerant Charging .
Adjust drive belt tension by referring to Compressor Drive Belt Removal and Installation (K9K Model) .
Tighten compressor mounting bolts to the specified torque.
Tightening torque
Compressor mounting bolt : 28 N·m ( 2.8 kg-m, 20.5 lb-ft)