Condenser Assembly Removal and Installation (M13A Model)
Be careful not to damage condenser fins. If condenser fin is bent, straighten it by using flat head screwdriver or pair of pliers.
1) Disconnect negative (–) cable at battery.
2) Recover refrigerant from A/C system by referring to “Recovery” in Operation Procedure for Refrigerant Charging .
The amount of removed compressor oil must be measured for replenishing compressor oil.
3) Remove front bumper.
4) Disconnect A/C condenser cooling fan motor and dual pressure switch connectors.
5) Remove radiator mounting bolts.
6) Disconnect discharge hose (1) from condenser (2).
7) Disconnect receiver/dryer outlet pipe (3) from condenser.
8) Remove condenser cooling fan assembly (6) from condenser (2).
9) Remove condenser (2) from radiator.
Reverse removal procedure to install condenser noting the following instructions.
Replenish specified amount of compressor oil to compressor suction side by referring to “Replenishing Compressor Oil” in Operation Procedure for Refrigerant Charging .
Evacuate and charge refrigerant by referring to “Procedure of Charging” in Operation Procedure for Refrigerant Charging .