Cool air does not come out (A/C system normal operates)
For K9K Engine Diagnosis
Condition Possible Cause Action
Cool air does not come out (A/C system normal operates)
Insufficient or excessive charge of refrigerant
Check charge of refrigerant and system for leaks.
Condenser clogged
Check condenser.
A/C evaporator clogged or frosted
Check A/C evaporator and A/C evaporator thermistor.
A/C evaporator temperature sensor faulty
Check A/C evaporator temperature sensor.
Expansion valve faulty
Check expansion valve.
Receiver/dryer clogged
Check receiver/dryer.
Compressor drive belt loosen or broken
Adjust or replace drive belt.
Magnetic clutch faulty
Check magnetic clutch.
Compressor faulty
Check compressor.
Air in A/C system
Replace receiver/dryer, and perform evacuation and charging.
Air leaking from cooling unit or air duct
Repair as necessary.
Heater and ventilation system faulty
Check air inlet box (cooling unit), heater control lever assembly and heater unit.
Heater blower motor faulty
Check heater blower motor referring to Heater Blower Motor Inspection .
Excessive compressor oil existing in A/C system
Pull out compressor oil in A/C system circuit, and replace compressor.