Cool air won’t come out (A/C system won’t operative)
For M13 Engine Diagnosis
Condition Possible Cause Action
Cool air won’t come out (A/C system won’t operative)
No refrigerant
Perform recover, evacuation and charging.
Fuse blown
Check fuses in main and circuit fuse boxes, and check for short circuit to ground.
A/C switch faulty
Check A/C switch.
Blower fan switch faulty
Check blower fan switch referring to Heater Blower Fan Switch Inspection .
A/C evaporator thermistor faulty
Check A/C evaporator thermistor.
Dual pressure switch faulty
Check dual pressure switch.
Wiring or grounding faulty
Repair as necessary.
ECT sensor faulty
ECM and its circuit faulty
Check ECM and its circuit referring to Inspection of ECM and Its Circuits:M13A without VVT .
4WD controller faulty
Check 4WD controller referring to Inspection of 4WD Control Module and Its Circuits .