Air Conditioning System Description
M13 Engine Model
In the sub-cool A/C system (condenser integrated with receiver/dryer), the inside of the condenser is divided into the condensation part and the sub-cooler part, and the receiver/dryer is located between those. In the receiver/dryer, the refrigerant is separated into the vapor refrigerant and the liquid refrigerant. Only the liquid refrigerant is delivered to the sub-cooler part of the condenser. The refrigerant is supercooled by the sub-cooler part of the condenser.
[A]: Liquid 4. Receiver/dryer 10. Desiccant
[B]: Vapor 5. Refrigerant pressure switch 11. Filter
[C]: Superheated vapor 6. Expansion valve 12. Vapor refrigerant
1. Compressor 7. A/C evaporator 13. Liquid refrigerant
2. Magnet clutch 8. Condensation part      
3. Condenser assembly 9. Sub-cooler part      
K9K Engine Model
[A]: Liquid 1. Compressor 4. Receiver/dryer 7. Evaporator
[B]: Vapor 2. Magnet clutch 5. Dual pressure switch    
[C]: Superheated vapor 3. Condenser assembly 6. Expansion valve