Additional Heater Assembly Removal and Installation (K9K Model)
1) Disconnect negative cable at battery.
2) Disconnect west gate actuator hose (1), IAT sensor connector (2) and boost pressure sensor (3) connector.
3) Remove turbo charger outlet air pipe (4) with outlet air hose No.2 (5).
4) Drain cooling system referring to Cooling System Draining:K9K .
5) Disconnect additional heater plug wires (1) and heater hoses (2) from additional heater assembly (3).
6) Remove additional heater assembly from its bracket.
Reverse the removal procedure for installation noting the followings.
Tighten additional heater plug wire nuts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Additional heater plug wire nut ( a ): Less than 4 N·m ( 0.4 kg-m, 3.0 lb-ft)
Refill cooling system referring to Cooling System Refill:K9K .
Check cooling system leakage referring to Engine Cooling System Inspection and Cleaning:K9K .