Heater Control Lever Assembly Removal and Installation
1) Disconnect negative (–) cable at battery.
2) Disable air bag system (if equipped) referring to Disabling Air Bag System .
3) Remove center garnish (1) and then disconnect hazard switch connector and cigarette lighter connector from the garnish.
4) Disconnect heater control cables (airflow control (1), temperature control (2) and air intake control (3)) from heater unit and air intake box.
5) Remove mounting screws and then disconnect A/C switch connector and blower fan switch connector from heater control lever assembly (1).
6) Remove heater control lever assembly (1).
1) Reverse removal procedure for installation.
2) Adjust cables as follows.
a) Move airflow selector (1), temperature selector (2) and air intake selector (3) fully in allow direction as shown in figure.
[A]: LH steering vehicle
[B]: RH steering vehicle
b) Push airflow control lever (1), temperature control lever (2) and door link (3) fully in arrow direction, respectively, and fix each cable to the clamp with pulling outer cable in arrow direction as shown in figure.
After installing control cables, be sure that control levers move smoothly and stop at proper position.
3) If equipped with air bag, enable air bag system referring to Enabling Air Bag System .