Heater Unit / Boost Ventilation Removal and Installation (K9K Model)
1) Disconnect negative (–) cable at battery.
2) If equipped with air bag system, disable air bag system referring to Disabling Air Bag System .
3) Drain engine coolant, and then disconnect water hoses (1) from heater joints (2).
4) Remove right heater joint (1) from heater core pipe by unlocking two locks (2) of retainer (color: blue) for heater joint.
To unlock two locks of retainer, plier as shown in the figure is useful.
After removal of heater joint, retainer (3) should be left at heater core pipe (4).
Therefore, do not try to remove heater joint with retainer.
5) Remove retainer for heater joint from heater core pipe.
6) Remove instrument panel to Instrument Panel Removal and Installation .
7) Remove bolts, nuts and screws as shown in figure.
8) Remove heater unit (1).
Install heater unit by reversing removal procedure, noting the following items.
When installing each part, be careful not to catch any cable or wiring harness.
Adjust control cables by referring to Heater Control Lever Assembly Removal and Installation .
Fill engine coolant to radiator referring to Cooling System Refill:K9K .
If equipped with air bag system, enable air bag system referring to Enabling Air Bag System .
When the heater unit is disassembled and reassembled, locking force of the heater case lock may reduce. In such a case, tighten the heater case with a tapping screw of M4 x L16 (1) as shown in the figure, or air may leak from its joint section.