Heater and Ventilation Construction
The heater, an in and out air selectable-type hot water heater, is so constructed that it is possible to assure an agreeable ventilation at all times by providing the ventilator air outlets at the center and both sides (right and left) of the instrument panel, the hot air outlet at a place close to the feet of front passengers, and the defroster air outlets at places, right and left, along the windshield glass.
The heater and ventilation consist of following parts.
1. Side ventilator outlet 6. Ventilator duct 11. Damper
2. Side defroster outlet 7. Heater control lever assembly 12. Air inlet box
3. Center ventilator outlet 8. Heater blower motor 13. Air resistance board
4. Heater unit 9. Heater blower motor resistor      
5. Defroster duct 10. Heater core