Steering Gear Box Inspection and Adjustment
Oil Level Inspection
Oil surface should be up to the level as shown in the figure. If not, add prescribed gear oil, SAE 90.
Steering gear box oil level
“a”: 23 mm (0.91 in.)
Apply sealant to thread parts of breathing plug and tighten breathing plug to specified torque.
“A” : Sealant 99000–31110 ( SUZUKI Bond No.1215 )
Tightening torque
Breathing plug ( a ): 4 N·m ( 0.4 kg-m, 3.0 lb-ft)
Worm shaft starting torque
Steering gear box has adjusting bolt (1) which gives preload to sector shaft.
Special Tool
(A) : 09944-18211
Make adjustment according to the following procedure.
1) Check worm shaft (1) to ensure that it is free from thrust play.
2) Position pitman arm (2) in nearly parallel with worm shaft (1) as shown.
(With pitman arm (2) in this position, front wheels are in straightforward state.)
3) Measure worm shaft starting torque from its position in straightforward state as described in Step 2).
Tightening torque
Starting torque for worm shaft ( a ): 50 – 100 N·m ( 5.0 – 10.0 kg-m, 0.4 – 0.7 lb-ft)
Special Tool
(A) : 09944-18211
1. Adjusting bolt
If measured torque is not within specification, carry out adjustment with adjusting bolt (1) to meet specification and check to confirm it again.
Tightening torque
Steering gear box adjusting bolt lock nut ( a ): 30 N·m ( 3.0 kg-m, 22.0 lb-ft)
2. Lock nut
4) If worm shaft starting torque is checked all right, another check should be carried out on worm shaft operating torque in its entire operating range (by turning worm shaft all the way to the right and left).
Worm shaft (including sector shaft) operating torque
(a): Under 120 N·cm (12.0 kg-cm, 0.8 lbf-ft)
Special Tool
(A) : 09944-18211
If measured torque does not conform to specification, readjust worm shaft starting torque in straightforward state by means of adjusting bolt (1), and then recheck worm shaft operating torque.
Tightening torque
Steering gear box adjusting bolt lock nut ( b ): 30 N·m ( 3.0 kg-m, 22.0 lb-ft)
If specified value is not attained even after readjustment, it is advisable to replace gear box with new gear box assembly.