P/S Gear Box Removal and Installation
1) Take out fluid in P/S fluid reservoir with syringe or such.
2) Turn steering wheel fully counterclockwise and loosen sector shaft nut of P/S gear box.
3) Return steering wheel to straightforward state and remove pitman arm from P/S gear box by using puller.
4) Remove radiator (for left-steering vehicle) referring to Radiator Removal and Installation:M13A or Radiator Removal and Installation:K9K .
5) Remove radiator support member.
6) Disconnect suction hose and return hose from P/S fluid reservoir, and remove P/S fluid reservoir assembly (for left-steering vehicle).
7) Remove steering lower shaft joint bolt (2).
1. Steering lower shaft
8) Disconnect high pressure hose (2) and return hose (3) from gear box (1).
Plug up the section where hose disconnection.
9) Remove gear box assembly from vehicle.
Never turn gear box input shaft. Otherwise, air goes into gear box, which needs air bleeding for gear box.
Don’t disassemble P/S gear box.
For adjustment of worm shaft starting torque, refer to item Steering Gear Box Inspection and Adjustment .
Reverse removal procedure to install P/S gear box noting the following points.
Tightening torque specification.
Tightening torque
Power steering gear box mounting bolt and nut ( a ): 80 N·m ( 8.0 kg-m, 58.0 lb-ft)
Gear box high pressure union bolt ( b ): 35 N·m ( 3.5 kg-m, 25.5 lb-ft)
Before servicing, set steering wheel and wheel/tire at straight position.
1. Steering gear box 4. High pressure hose
2. Bolt (long) 5. Return hose
3. Bolt (short)    
Install pitman arm (1) to sector shaft (2) of P/S gear box (3) with match marks “A” and “B” aligned as shown in the figure and torque to specification.
Tightening torque
Pitman arm mounting nut ( a ): 135 N·m ( 13.5 kg-m, 98.0 lb-ft)
Install lower shaft by the following steps.
1) Align flat part of steering gear box worm shaft (1) with bolt hole in lower joint as shown. Then insert lower joint (2) onto worm shaft.
2) Be sure that front wheels and steering wheel are in straightforward state and insert upper joint onto steering shaft.
3) Torque lower shaft joint bolt to specification.
Tightening torque
Steering shaft lower joint bolt ( a ): 25 N·m ( 2.5 kg-m, 18.0 lb-ft)
Fill engine coolant to radiator.
Bleed air in P/S circuit referring to P/S System Air Bleeding Procedure .