P/S Pump Removal and Installation
1) Take out fluid in P/S fluid reservoir with syringe or such.
2) Remove P/S belt.
3) Disconnect high pressure hose and low pressure hose.
4) Disconnect pressure switch lead harness. (M13 engine model)
5) Remove P/S pump (1) removing mounting bolts (3).
Clean couplers at intake and discharge ports completely before disconnection.
Plug ports of removed pump to prevent dust and any foreign object from entering.
[A]: M13 engine model 2. P/S pump bracket
[B]: K9K engine model    
After installation, fill A/T fluid (an equivalent to DEXRON®-II, DEXRON®-III or DEXRON®-IIE) and be sure to bleed air referring to P/S System Air Bleeding Procedure .
Install components in reverse order of removal procedure noting the following points.
Tighten each bolt as specified below.
Tightening torque
Oil pump mounting bolt (M13 engine model) ( a ): 25 N·m ( 2.5 kg-m, 18.5 lb-ft)
Oil pump mounting bolt (K9K engine model) ( a ): 28 N·m ( 2.8 kg-m, 20.0 lb-ft)
Oil pump high pressure union bolt (M13 engine model) ( b ): 60 N·m ( 6.0 kg-m, 43.5 lb-ft)
Oil pump high pressure flare nut (K9K engine model) ( b ): 28 N·m ( 2.8 kg-m, 20.0 lb-ft)
[A]: M13 engine model 1. Union bolt
[B]: K9K engine model    
M13 engine bolt
Adjust P/S belt referring to P/S Pump Drive Belt Removal and Installation .
Connect pressure switch terminal.
K9K engine bolt
Install P/S belt referring to Generator Drive Belt Removal and Installation:K9K .