Steering Column Inspection
Vehicles involved in accidents resulting in body damage, where steering column has been impacted (or air bag deployed), may have a damaged or misaligned steering column.
Checking Procedure
1) Check that two capsules (1) are attached to steering column bracket (2) securely. Check clearance between capsules and steering column bracket. Clearance should be 0.0 mm (0.0 in.) on both sides.
If found loose or clearance, replace steering column assembly.
2) Take measurement “a” as shown.
If it is shorter than specified length, replace column assembly (1) with new one.
Steering column assembly length
“a”: 733.2 – 734.8 mm (28.87 – 28.93 in.)
3) Check steering shaft joints and shaft for any damages such as crack, breakage, malfunction or excessive play.
If anything is found faulty, replace as lower joint assembly or column assembly.
4) Check steering shaft for smooth rotation.
If found defective, replace as column assembly.
5) Check steering shaft and column for bend, cracks or deformation.
If found defective, replace.
6) Check steering column lower seal (1) for breakage or deformation.
If found defective, replace.