Steering Column Assembly Removal and Installation
Once the steering column is removed from the vehicle, the column is extremely susceptible to damage.
Dropping the column assembly on its end could collapse the steering shaft or loosen the plastic shear pins which maintain column length.
Leaning on the column assembly could cause it to bend or deform.
Any of the damage could impair the column’s collapsible design.
When servicing steering column or any column-mounted component, remove steering wheel. But when removing steering column simply to gain access to instrument panel components, leave steering wheel installed on steering column.
For vehicle with air bag system
Never rest a steering column assembly on the steering wheel with the air bag (inflator) module face down and column vertical. Otherwise, personal injury may result.
1) Disconnect negative battery cable at battery terminal.
2) For vehicle equipped with air bag system, disable air bag system. Refer to Disabling Air Bag System .
3) If necessary, remove steering wheel and combination switch assembly referring to Steering Wheel Removal and Installation and Combination Switch (For Vehicle without Air Bag System)/Contact Coil and Combination Switch Assembly (For Vehicle with Air Bag System) Removal and Installation .
If not removing steering wheel and/or combination switch assembly, perform the following procedure.
a) Turn steering wheel so that vehicle’s front tires are at straight-ahead position.
b) Turn ignition switch to “LOCK” position and remove key.
4) Remove steering column hole cover (1).
5) Disconnect all connectors of the following parts.
Combination switch/contact coil and combination switch assembly
Ignition switch
Immobilizer control system parts (if equipped)
6) Remove joint bolt (steering column side) (3) and loosen joint bolt (steering gear box side).
7) Remove steering column mounting nuts (2) and bolts (1).
8) If equipped with shift (key) interlock cable, remove shift (key) interlock cable referring to Interlock Cable Removal and Installation (if equipped) .
9) Remove steering column from vehicle.
10) Remove steering column seal (1) from steering column lower bracket.
Don’t separate double tube type steering column assembly into steering column and shaft. If column or shaft is defective, replace as and assembly.
After tightening steering column mounting bolts and nuts shaft joint bolts should be tightened.
1) Be sure that front wheels and steering wheel are in straight forward state.
2) If equipped, install shift (key) interlock cable to ignition switch referring to Interlock Cable Removal and Installation (if equipped) .
3) Apply sealant to the steering column lower bracket (shaded section in the figure) and fit the steering column seal (1) to the stepped part of the steering column lower bracket securely.
“A” : Sealant 99000–31090 ( SUZUKI sealing compound 366E )
4) Insert steering lower shaft (1) to steering shaft.
5) Put the steering column upper cover (3) on top of the steering column (2), if necessary and then tighten steering column mounting nuts (5) and bolts (4) by hand.
6) Tighten mounting nuts (5) first and then mounting bolts (4) to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Steering column mounting bolt and nut ( a ): 14 N·m ( 1.4 kg-m, 10.5 lb-ft)
7) Tighten steering column side joint bolt (1) first, and then tighten steering gear box side joint bolt (2).
Tightening torque
Steering shaft joint bolt ( b ): 25 N·m ( 2.5 kg-m, 18.0 lb-ft)
9) Connect all connectors that have been removed in “Removal”.
10) Install steering column hole cover (1).
11) If steering wheel is removed, install steering wheel referring to Steering Wheel Removal and Installation .
12) If the vehicle equipped with air bag system, enable air bag system referring to Enabling Air Bag System .
13) Connect negative battery cable.