Steering Wheel and Column Description
This double tube type steering column has the following three important features in addition to the steering function:
The column is energy absorbing, designed to compress in a front-end collision.
The ignition switch and lock are mounted conveniently on this column.
With the column mounted lock, the ignition and steering operations can be locked to inhibit theft of the vehicle.
To insure the energy absorbing action, it is important that only the specified screws, bolts and nuts be used as designated and that they are tightened to the specified torque.
When the column assembly is removed from the vehicle, special care must be taken in handling it. Use of a steering wheel puller other than the one recommended in this manual or a sharp blow on the end of the steering shaft, leaning on the assembly, or dropping the assembly could shear the plastic shear pins which maintain column length and position.
The driver air bag (inflator) module is one of the supplemental restraint (air bag) system components and is mounted to the center of the steering wheel. During certain frontal crashes, the air bag system supplements the restraint of the driver’s and passenger’s seat belts by deploying the air bags.
The air bag (inflator) module should be handled with care to prevent accidental deployment. When servicing, be sure to observe all WARNINGS and CAUTIONS and Precautions on Service and Diagnosis of Air Bag System .
[A]: For vehicle with air bag system 3. Steering wheel nut 7. Steering column assembly
[B]: For vehicle without air bag system 4. Combination switch or contact coil and combination switch assembly 8. Steering lock assembly (ignition switch)
1. Driver air bag (inflator) module 5. Steering column upper cover 9. Steering column hole cover
2. Steering wheel 6. Steering column lower cover 10. Steering lower shaft