Clutch Cover, Clutch Disc, Flywheel and Release Bearing Inspection
Input Shaft Bearing
Check bearing for smooth rotation and replace it if abnormality is found.
Clutch Disc
Measure depth of rivet head depression, i.e. distance between rivet head and facing surface.
If depression is found to have reached service limit at any of rivet holes (2), replace clutch disc assembly (1).
Rivet head depth
Standard: 1.4 mm (0.055 in.)
Limit: 0.3 mm or less (0.012 in. or less)
Clutch Cover
1) Check diaphragm spring for abnormal wear or damage.
2) Inspect pressure plate for wear or heat spots.
3) If abnormality is found, replace it as assembly.
Do not disassemble it into diaphragm and pressure plate.
Check surface contacting clutch disc for abnormal wear or heat spots. Replace or repair as required.
Release Bearing
1) Check clutch release bearing for smooth rotation.
2) Inspect smoothness of release bearing retaining portion of transaxle case and correct or replace right case as necessary.
Do not wash release bearing. Washing may cause grease leakage and consequential bearing damage.