Clutch Operating Cylinder Removal and Installation
1) Clean around master cylinder reservoir cap and take out fluid with syringe or such from brake master cylinder reservoir.
2) Remove pipe (2) from operating cylinder assembly (1) and clutch fluid throttle valve (3).
3) Remove clutch operating cylinder assembly (1).
1) Apply small amount of grease to rod tip.
Do not allow any grease to be on boot.
“A” : Grease 99000–25010 ( SUZUKI Super Grease A )
2) Install clutch operating cylinder assembly (1) and tighten clutch operating cylinder bolts (2) to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Clutch operating cylinder bolt ( a ): 50 N·m ( 5.0 kg-m, 36.5 lb-ft)
3) Install pipe and tighten clutch pipe flare nut (3) to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Clutch pipe flare nut ( b ): 16 N·m ( 1.6 kg-m, 11.5 lb-ft)
4) Fill brake master cylinder reservoir with specified brake fluid and check fluid leakage.
5) For procedure of air bleeding, refer to Air Bleeding of Brake System .
6) Check clutch pedal free travel and clutch release margin. (Refer to Clutch Pedal Inspection:K9K Model .)