Gear Shift Lever Case Assembly Removal and Installation
1) Dismount transmission referring to Manual Transmission Unit Dismounting and Remounting:M13A Model .
2) Remove gear shift lever case assembly (1) from transmission rear case.
1) Clean mating surface of both rear case and gear shift lever case (2), and uniformly apply sealant to lever case as shown in figure.
“A” : Sealant 99000–31260 ( SUZUKI Bond No.1217G )
2) Install lever case with sealant to rear case and apply thread lock cement to lever case bolts (1), then tighten them to specified torque.
“B” : Thread lock cement 99000–32110 ( Thread Lock Cement Super 1322 )
Tightening torque
Gear shift lever case bolt ( a ): 23 N·m ( 2.3 kg-m, 17.0 lb-ft)