2nd Brake Inspection
Check 2nd brake disc set for burn, damage, deformation or discoloration. When there is anything faulty, replace it.
Measure free length “a” of 2nd brake piston return spring. When measured value is less than specified value, replace it.
2nd brake piston return spring free length
“a”: 16.8 mm (0.661 in.)
Check 2nd brake piston seal (1) for damage. When there is anything faulty, replace it.
Pack Clearance Check
1) Install 2nd brake disc set (1) (3 friction plates, 3 friction discs and separator plate (2)) in transmission case, then install snap ring.
2) Blow air into oil passage (3) as shown in figure below and measure pack clearance “a”. When measured value is out of specified range, it is possible that there is air leakage, seizure or worn 2nd brake disc set (1).
Pack clearance
“a”: 0.44 – 1.16 mm (0.017 – 0.046 in.)