Reverse Clutch Assembly Inspection
Check reverse clutch disc set for burn, damage, deformation or discoloration. When there is anything faulty, replace it.
Measure free length “a” of reverse clutch piston return spring. When measured value is less than specified value, replace it.
Free length “a” includes thickness of spring seat (1).
Reverse clutch piston return spring free length
“a”: 19.46 mm (0.766 in.)
Blow air into check ball (1) of reverse clutch piston (2) for air leakage.
Shake reverse clutch piston (2) lightly to confirm that check ball (1) is not seized.
Measure inner diameter “a” of reverse clutch drum. When measured value exceeds limit value, replace it.
Reverse clutch drum bush bore
Limit “a”: 41.08 mm (1.617 in.)
Piston Stroke Check
1) Install reverse clutch disc set (3) (3 friction plates, 3 friction discs and separator plate (1)) to reverse clutch drum.
2) Install special tool (A) to reverse clutch assembly (2).
Install 2 seal rings (4) of oil pump stator shaft to special tool (A).
Special Tool
(A) : 09926–26030
3) Blow air into special tool (A) and measure pin stroke “a” with special tool (B). When measured value is out of specified value range, change thickness of separator plate (1) to obtain specified value, then measure piston stroke “a” again.
Special Tool
(A) : 09926–96010
Reverse clutch piston stroke
“a”: 0.88 – 1.28 mm (0.035 – 0.050 in.)
Available reverse clutch separator plate thickness
3.15 mm (0.124 in.)
2.95 mm (0.116 in.)
2.75 mm (0.108 in.)