Forward Clutch & Input Shaft Assembly Inspection
Check forward clutch disc set for burn, damage, deformation or discoloration. When there is anything faulty, replace it.
Measure free length “a” of forward clutch piston return spring (1). When measured value is less than specified value, replace it.
Free length “a” includes spring seat thickness.
Forward clutch return spring free length
“a”: 26.84 mm (1.057 in.)
Check seals (3) around forward clutch balancer (1) and forward clutch piston (2) for any damage. When there is anything faulty, replace it.
Piston Stroke Check
1) Install forward clutch disc set (1) (retaining plate, 5 friction discs, 4 friction plates and separator plate (2)) to input shaft (3), then install snap ring.
2) Blow air into oil passage (4) in input shaft and measure piston stroke “a” with special tool. When measured value is out of specified value range, change thickness of separator plate so as to obtain specified value and then measure piston stroke “a” again.
Special Tool
(A) : 09952–06010
Forward clutch piston stroke
“a”: 1.25 – 1.55 mm (0.049 – 0.061 in.)
Available forward clutch separator plate thickness
4.9 mm (0.193 in.)
4.7 mm (0.185 in.)
4.5 mm (0.177 in.)
4.3 mm (0.169 in.)
4.1 mm (0.161 in.)