Interlock Cable Removal and Installation (if equipped)
Don’t bend interlock cable excessively when removing and installing it, or system will not operate correctly.
1) Disconnect negative cable at battery and disable air bag system, referring to Disabling Air Bag System .
2) Remove steering upper and lower cover.
3) Remove interlock cable (1) clamp screw (2) located at ignition switch and disconnect interlock cable from key cylinder cam (3) with ignition switch turned at “ACC” position and set select lever “N” position.
4) Remove console box.
Unlock lock button (6).
5) Remove detach cable end (2) from key interlock cam (1) while pressing claws of release cam boss (3).
At this time, be careful not to cause damage to its claws.
6) Remove interlock cable from selector bracket (4) while pressing claws of cable casing cap (5).
7) Remove interlock cable.
1) Install interlock cable (1) as shown in figure.
2. Tape
2) Connect cable (1) end to steering lock and tighten cable clamp screw (2) securely with holding cable bracket (4) so as not to turn.
Tightening torque
Interlock cable screw ( a ): 2.2 N·m ( 0.22 kg-m, 1.6 lb-ft)
3. Key cylinder cam
3) Install cable casing cap (1) to selector bracket (2).
4) Install eye end (3) to key interlock cam (4).
5) After confirm that select lever “N” position and key setting “ACC” position. Push lock button (5) completely in arrow direction.
6) With selector lever set at “P” position, turn ignition key to “ACC” position and then check for following conditions.
With knob button released, ignition key can be turned from “ACC” position to “LOCK” position.
With knob button pressed, ignition key cannot be turned from “ACC” position to “LOCK” position.
Shift selector lever from “P” to “R” position with ignition key turned “ON” position and brake pedal depressed.
7) Install steering upper and lower cover.
8) Connect negative cable at battery and enable air bag system, referring to Enabling Air Bag System .