Learning Control Memory Initialization Inspection
Learning Control Initialization Using SUZUKI Scan Tool
1) Connect scan tool to DLC with ignition switch OFF.
2) Start engine and shift selector lever to “P” range.
3) Select “Misc Test” mode on scan tool.
4) Perform “A/T learned initialize” on scan tool.
Special Tool
(A) : SUZUKI scan tool
Learning Control Initialization Using Monitor Connector
1) Clear DTC referring to DTC Clearance .
2) Using service wire, connect diagnosis switch terminal (1) and body ground.
3) Turn ignition switch ON but engine stop.
4) With brake pedal and accelerator pedal depressed fully, repeat shifting “2” range to “L” range of select lever 5 times within 10 seconds.
5) Confirm that transmission warning light is turned OFF to complete memory initialization.
When initialization is achieved, transmission warning light neither light nor flash unless diagnosis switch terminal is once disconnected from body ground. If initialization is failed, re-try initializing procedure.