Transmission Control Module (TCM) Removal and Installation
TCM and ECM consists of highly precise parts, therefore when handling it, be careful not to expose to excessive shock.
When replacing TCM with used one, all learned contents, which have been stored in TCM memory by executing learning control, should be initialized after replacement.
1) Disconnect negative cable at battery.
2) If the vehicle is equipped with air bag system, disable air bag system. Refer to Disabling Air Bag System .
3) Remove glove box (1) and dash side trim.
4) Disconnect connectors (1) from TCM (2) and ECM.
5) Remove TCM (1), ECM (2) and each brackets removing its bolts (3) and nut (4).
Reverse removal procedure noting the following.
Connect TCM and ECM connectors securely.
If the vehicle is equipped with air bag system, be sure to enable air bag system after TCM is back in place. Refer to Enabling Air Bag System .