DTC P0722 (No.31): Output Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal
Wiring Diagram
1. TCM [A]: Terminal arrangement of TCM connector (M13 engine model with VVT) (viewed from harness side)
2. Output shaft speed sensor [B]: Terminal arrangement of TCM connector (M13 engine model without VVT) (viewed from harness side)
DTC Detecting Condition and Trouble Area
DTC detecting condition Trouble area
No output shaft speed sensor signal is detected although input shaft speed sensor signals are detected while vehicle is running at 5 km/h (3 mile/h) or more vehicle speed with “D”, “2” or “L” range.
Output shaft speed sensor or its circuit malfunction.
Improper output shaft speed sensor installation.
Damaged sensor rotor.
Foreign material attachment to sensor or rotor.
DTC Confirmation Procedure
When performing a road test, select a place where there is no traffic or possibility of a traffic accident and be very careful during testing to avoid occurrence of an accident.
Road test should be carried out with 2 persons, a driver and tester, on a level road.
1) Connect scan tool to DLC with ignition switch OFF.
2) Clear DTC in TCM memory and start engine.
3) Shift selector lever to “D” range and drive vehicle at 50 km/h (31 mile/h) or more with 3rd gear at least for 5 minutes.
4) Stop vehicle and check DTC.
Step Action YES NO
Was A/T System Check performed?
Go to Step 2.
Check Output Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit
1) Disconnect TCM connectors with ignition switch OFF.
2) Check for proper connection to input shaft speed sensor at “E122-5” and “E122-14” [A] or “E124-4” and “E124-16” [B] terminals.
3) If OK, check resistance of sensor circuit.
Resistance of sensor circuit
Resistance between terminals “E122-5” and “E122-14” [A] or “E124-4” and “E124-16” [B] of disconnected harness side TCM connector: 560 – 680 Ω at 20 °C (68 °F)
Continuity between terminal “E122-5” / “E122-14” [A] or “E124-4” / “E124-16” [B] of disconnected harness side TCM connector and ground: No continuity
Are check result satisfactory?
Go to Step 4.
Go to Step 3.
Inspect Input Shaft Speed Sensor
Inspect input shaft speed sensor referring to Output Shaft Speed Sensor Inspection .
Is result satisfactory?
“PNK” or “BLU” circuit open or short.
Replace output shaft speed sensor.
Check visually output shaft speed sensor and sensor rotor for the followings.
No damage
No foreign material attached
Correct installation
Are they in good condition?
Intermittent trouble or faulty TCM.
Check for intermittent referring to Intermittent and Poor Connection Inspection .
If OK, substitute a known-good TCM and recheck.
Clean, repair or replace.