DTC Clearance
DTC Clearance Using SUZUKI Scan Tool
1) Turn ignition switch OFF.
2) Connect SUZUKI scan tool to data link connector (DLC).
Special Tool
(A) : SUZUKI scan tool
3) Clear DTC according to instructions displayed on SUZUKI scan tool. Refer to SUZUKI scan tool operator’s manual for further details.
4) After completing the clearance, turn ignition switch OFF and disconnected SUZUKI scan tool from data link connector (DLC).
DTC Clearance Using Monitor Connector
1) Turn ignition switch ON.
2) After 6 seconds or more, repeat connecting and disconnecting diagnosis switch terminal (2) and body ground of monitor connector (1) 5 times at about 1 second interval within 10 seconds, using service wire.
3) Check TCM that no malfunction DTC remains in memory of it.