Visual Inspection
Visually check the following parts and systems.
A/T fluid ----- level, leakage, color
Automatic Transmission Fluid Level Inspection
A/T fluid hoses ----- disconnection, looseness, deterioration
A/T Fluid Cooler Hoses Check
Throttle cable ----- play (under warm engine), installation
Accelerator Cable Adjustment:M13A
A/T select cable ----- installation
Engine oil ----- level, leakage
Engine Oil and Filter Change
Engine coolant ----- level, leakage
Engine Coolant Change
Engine mountings ----- play, looseness, damage
Suspension ----- play, looseness
Drive shafts ----- damage
Battery ----- indicator condition, corrosion of terminal
Battery Description:M13A
Connectors of electric wire harness ----- disconnection, friction
Fuses ----- burning
Parts ----- installation, damage
Bolts ----- looseness
Other parts that can be checked visually
Also check the following items at engine start, if possible.   
Transmission warning light ----- Operation
Malfunction indicator lamp ----- Operation
Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Check:M13A without VVT
Charge warning lamp ----- Operation Section 6H
Generator Symptom Diagnosis:M13A
Engine oil pressure warning lamp ----- Operation
Oil Pressure Light Symptom Diagnosis
Engine coolant temp. meter ----- Operation
Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Meter and Sensor Symptom Diagnosis
Other parts that can be checked visually