CAN Communication System Description (M13A Model with VVT)
CAN communication system uses the serial communication in which data is transmitted at a high speed. It uses a twisted pair of two communication lines for the high-speed data transmission. As one of its characteristics, multiple control modules can communicate simultaneously. In addition, it has a functionality to detect a communication error automatically. Each module reads necessary data from the received data and transmits data.
Communication of ECM and TCM is established by CAN.
TCM Transmission Data to ECM
Torque down ignition delay request
Transmission torque converter clutch mode
Transmission turbine angular velocity
Transmission emissions related malfunction active
Slope mode
Transmission gear selector position
Transmission actual gear
Transmission oil temperature
Drive signal
TCM Reception Data from ECM
Engine torque driver requested
Engine speed
Top gear inhibit
Torque converter clutch control inhibit
Throttle position
Ignition timing advance for #1 cylinder
Vehicle speed
Engine coolant temperature
Brake pedal switch active
Air conditioning compressor clutch engaged