Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Ring Removal and Installation
2) In order to remove sensor ring (3) from retainer ring (2), grind with a grinder one part of the sensor ring (3) as illustrated till it becomes thin.
Cover vinyl sheet (4) or the like over wheel bearing so that fine grains from grinding will not enter there.
Be careful not to go so far as to grind the retainer ring (2).
[A]: Grind with grinder 1. Rear axle
3) Break with a chisel the thin ground sensor ring, and it can be removed.
1) Press-fit sensor ring (1) as shown.
Use care not to cause any damage to outside of retainer ring.
2) Install rear axle shaft referring to Rear Axle Shaft and Wheel Bearing Removal and Installation:Rear
3) Install brake drum and wheel. Refer to Rear Brake Drum Removal and Installation .