ABS Hydraulic Unit Operation Check
Using SUZUKI Scan Tool
1) Connect SUZUKI scan tool to data link connector (DLC) (1) with ignition switch OFF.
Special Tool
(A) : SUZUKI scan tool
Not Using SUZUKI Scan Tool
1) Check that basic brake system other than ABS is in good condition.
2) Check that battery voltage is 11 V or higher.
3) With “ABS” warning lamp, check that no abnormality is detected in ABS. Refer to DTC Check .
4) Lift up vehicle.
5) Set transmission to neutral and release parking brake.
6) Turn each wheel gradually by hand to check if brake dragging occurs. If it does, correct.
7) With diag. switch terminal (2) of monitor connector (1) connected to ground terminal (3) by using service wire (4), turn ignition switch ON and check if “ABS” warning lamp indicates DTC 12.
If malfunction DTC is indicated, repair it first.
8) Turn ignition switch to OFF.
9) Perform following checks with help of another person. Brake pedal (1) should be depressed and then ignition switch (2) turned ON by one person and wheel (3) should be turned by another person’s hand. At this time, check that:
Operation sound of solenoid is heard and wheel turns only about 0.5 sec. (Brake force is depressurized).
Operation sound of pump motor is heard and pulsation is felt at brake pedal.
10) If all 4 wheels cannot be checked during one ignition cycle (OFF → ON), repeat Steps 8) and 9) till all 4 wheels are checked.
If a faulty condition is found in Steps 9) and 10), replace hydraulic unit.
11) Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
12) Remove service wire from monitor connector.